Fuel Cost Calculator

Certainly! A fuel cost calculator typically helps you estimate how much money you'll spend on fuel for a trip based on factors such as distance, fuel efficiency of your vehicle, and current fuel prices. Here's a simple formula you can use:

In this fuel cost calculator, you have the opportunity to assess and compare the average daily, monthly, and yearly fuel expenses for various types of vehicles, including petrol cars, diesel cars or trucks, and CNG vehicles. Additionally, you can juxtapose the fuel costs of one vehicle with those of another type of vehicle. By adjusting the fuel price to match that of your local gas station or fuel station and inputting the fuel efficiency or gas mileage data, you can obtain estimates of daily, monthly, and yearly fuel expenses for petrol, diesel, or CNG vehicles in India.

Fuel needed (LTR) = Trip distance (KM) / Mileage (KMPH)
Fuel cost = Fuel needed * Price per liter

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That's the estimated cost of fuel for your trip.

You can adjust this calculation based on your specific vehicle's fuel efficiency and the current fuel price. Additionally, you might want to consider factors such as traffic, driving conditions, and any detours that could affect your fuel consumption.

Please note that the fuel price provided for India on this page serves as a representation only. You have the option to modify it to reflect a more accurate value specific to your region.