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Bigg Boss OTT 3: How much did Chandrika Dixit earn by selling vada pav in Delhi?
JUNE 22, 2024

Chandrika Dixit, known as the 'Vada Pav Girl,' is a contestant on the third edition of Bigg Boss OTT, hosted by Anil Kapoor. During the premiere, she discussed her career and earnings from selling vada pav on the streets of Delhi.

Bigg Boss OTT 3: From 'Vada Pav' girl, Ranvir Shorey to Deepak Chaurasia, see full list of contestants
JUNE 22, 2024

Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor will host the show this year in place of Salman Khan. Divya Agarwal and Elvish Yadav won Bigg Boss OTT in the last two seasons

Ex-OpenAI cofounder starts new company to prioritize the safe creation of Superintelligent AI.
21 Jun 2024

Ilya Sutskever, former co-founder of OpenAI, debuts Safe Superintelligence Inc., pledging to craft superintelligent AI systems under the banner of safety. The venture promises a steadfast commitment to secure development, steering clear of the commercial fray that often sidetracks such endeavors, according to Sutskever.

PM Modi performs yoga in Srinagar to mark 10th International Yoga Day
21 Jun 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated the 10th International Day of Yoga in Srinagar, emphasising yoga's global impact on health and societal harmony. The celebrations highlighted this year's theme 'Yoga for Self and Society'.

Yoga Day 2024: धरती के स्वर्ग में पीएम मोदी ने किया योग, बोले- दुनिया मानती है योग की शक्ति
21 Jun 2024

प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने कहा कि योग ने लोगों को यह एहसास दिलाया है कि उनका कल्याण उनके आसपास की दुनिया के कल्याण से जुड़ा हुआ है।

Lippan Art - Blue Bird on Tree Branch
14 Jun 2024

This exquisite piece of Lippan art captures the serene beauty of a blue bird perched gracefully on a tree branch. The traditional Indian art form of Lippan, also known as Mud and Mirror work, originates from the Kutch region of Gujarat. It involves creating intricate patterns and designs using a mixture of clay and camel dung, often embellished with pieces of mirror to add a reflective brilliance.

Khatu Shyam Ji Lippan Art: A Unique Fusion of Devotion and Tradition
10 Jun 2024

Khatu Shyam Ji, a revered deity in Rajasthan, draws countless devotees seeking blessings and solace. The art form known as Lippan Art, originating from the Kutch region of Gujarat, beautifully complements the spiritual and cultural significance of Khatu Shyam Ji. This traditional mud and mirror work has found a unique place in the hearts of devotees and art enthusiasts alike.

Planning a Budget-Friendly Kedarnath Pilgrimage in Uttarakhand: Tips and Itinerary
09 Jun 2024

Kedarnath, a hallowed pilgrimage destination in the heart of Uttarakhand, beckons spiritual seekers and travellers alike. With its divine aura and breathtaking natural beauty, it's no wonder that Kedarnath is a must-visit place. But what if you want to experience this sacred journey without breaking the bank?

Rishikesh - Adventure Capital of India
09 Jun 2024

Rishikesh is a place that has been blessed by the footsteps of pilgrims and devotees from all over the world who have come to take a beautiful bath in the sacred Ganges River and wash away all of their negative physical and mental Karma.

Uttarakhand Tour: How I Managed to Travel Alone
09 Jun 2024

Embark on a solo journey through Uttarakhand, India's scenic gem. Explore ancient temples in Rishikesh, trek the Himalayas in Kedarnath, and meditate by the tranquil lakes of Nainital. Navigate the charming hill towns, embrace the local culture, and revel in the majestic beauty of the Himalayan foothills on your unforgettable solo adventure.

Sunroof Cars under 5 Lakhs in India 2024
2024, 18 May 3 min

Sunroofs, the ultimate luxury experience a car can have. It has become more popular these days and signify the fun one needs to have while on a drive

How to fix the “TID does not exist” error in FASTag?
2024, 18 May 3 min

What is TID Fastag? Knowing the TID full form in fastag has now become important if you are an automotive enthusiast. Finding "FASTag TID does not exist" on your screen when you are at a helpless moment of desperately stuck in the red light in a toll booth is indeed frustrating and more enraging than embarrassing.

How to Renew Vehicle PUC Online?
2024, 23 May 3 min

Vehicle pollution control is one of the major issues in India and as a result, having a valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate has become necessary for all motor vehicles.

E Challan Fraud: How to Identify and Avoid Traffic Ticket Scam?
2024, 24 May 3 min

In today's digital world, convenience often comes with a hidden cost – the vulnerability to online scams. Traffic challans have also gone digital, with the introduction of e-Challan

Top 20 World's Smartest Cars of 2024
2024, 29 May 3 min

Discover the top 20 smartest cars of 2024, showcasing cutting-edge technology, advanced safety features, and innovative designs that set new standards in the automotive industry.

Tata Nano vs Yakuza Karishma Electric Car
2024, 29 May 3 min

The Tata Nano EV and Yakuza Karishma EV represent different ends of the electric vehicle spectrum. The Nano is affordable with basic features, while the Karishma offers advanced technology and design, showcasing the evolution of the electric vehicle industry.

How does ANPR Work in Car Parks?
2024, 30 May 3 min

ANPR in car parks uses cameras to capture vehicle license plates upon entry and exit. The system matches these plates with a database, streamlining access control, payment, and security, ensuring efficient and automated parking management.

How to Transfer a Car Loan To A Family Member?
2024, 31 May 3 min

Transferring a car loan to a family member involves checking lender policies, ensuring the family member meets credit requirements, and completing necessary paperwork. The process includes refinancing the loan in the family member’s name, transferring the car title, and updating insurance. This ensures a smooth and legal transition of loan responsibilities.

How to Check E Challan Status Online
16 Apr 2024

A traffic challan can be issued for flouting any traffic rules like jumping a signal, driving over the speed limit, or driving without a valid motor insurance.

How Touchless Technology will change the way you file claims?
17 Apr 2024

Recently an insurance company in the US settled an insurance claim within 3 seconds. A leading insurer in India - ICICI Lombard is on the verge of offering auto insurance policies based on photos clicked by the customer!...

What Are The Traffic Rules in Delhi?
18 Apr 2024

Explore essential traffic rules in Delhi. Learn about regulations, signage, and safety measures for drivers.

How to Pay e-Challan in Delhi?
18 Apr 2024

Discover a step-by-step guide to paying e-Challan in Delhi, including online payment method for convenience.

What Are The Traffic Rules in Kolkata?
18 Apr 2024

Discover essential traffic rules in Kolkata, including regulations, signage, speed limits, and safety measures.

How to Check the Status of an e-Challan in Delhi?
18 Apr 2024

Discover a step-by-step guide to checking e-Challan status in Delhi online on official website for convenient access.

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