In Tamil Nadu, petrol is currently trading at an average price of 102.00 ₹/L. There has been no change in the price since yesterday, 11 Jul, 2024.

The pricing mechanism for fuel is based on the dynamic fuel pricing system, which undergoes regular revisions. Various factors influence these prices, including the Rupee to US dollar exchange rate, the cost of crude oil, global market trends, and the demand for fuel, among others. Since June 2017, a new scheme has been implemented, resulting in daily revisions of fuel rates at 6 am.

Fuel Price in Tamil Nadu

Date Petrol Diesel CNG
Jul 11, 2024 102.00 ₹/L 93.60 ₹/L 86.00₹/kg
Jul 10, 2024 102.00 ₹/L 93.60 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Jul 09, 2024 101.76 ₹/L 93.36 ₹/L 86.00₹/kg
Jul 08, 2024 102.00 ₹/L 93.60 ₹/L 87.00 ₹/kg
Jul 07, 2024 101.57 ₹/L 93.18 ₹/L ----
Jul 06, 2024 102.00 ₹/L 93.60 ₹/L 87.50 ₹/kg
Jul 05, 2024 102.00 ₹/L 93.60 ₹/L 87.00 ₹/kg
Jul 04, 2024 101.57 ₹/L 93.18 ₹/L 87.50 ₹/kg
Jul 03, 2024 102.02 ₹/L 93.62 ₹/L 86.00 ₹/kg
Jul 02, 2024 102.00 ₹/L 93.60 ₹/L 87.00 ₹/kg
Jul 01, 2024 87.50 ₹/kg

Fuel Price In Other Cities And Districts Of Tamil Nadu

Cities Petrol Diesel CNG
Thanjavur 93.13 ₹/L 101.51 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Thiruvarur 93.61 ₹/L 102.01 ₹/L 74.90₹/kg
Tiruchchirappalli 93.14 ₹/L 101.54 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Tirunelveli 92.70 ₹/L 101.06 ₹/L 79.45₹/kg
Tirupur 93.26 ₹/L 101.67 ₹/L 81.84₹/kg
Tiruvallur 92.52 ₹/L 100.94 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Tiruvannamalai 93.11 ₹/L 101.54 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Tuticorin 93.12 ₹/L 101.49 ₹/L 79.45₹/kg
Vellore 93.62 ₹/L 102.06 ₹/L 87.00₹/kg
Viluppuram 93.74 ₹/L 102.19 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Virudunagar 93.30 ₹/L 101.67 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Ariyalur 93.60 ₹/L 102.00 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Chennai 92.34 ₹/L 100.75 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Coimbatore 92.92 ₹/L 101.32 ₹/L 77.48₹/kg
Cuddalore 94.66 ₹/L 103.13 ₹/L 75.90₹/kg
Dharmapuri 93.78 ₹/L 102.19 ₹/L 81.40₹/kg
Dindigul 93.14 ₹/L 101.54 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Erode 93.29 ₹/L 101.70 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Kanchipuram 92.70 ₹/L 101.12 ₹/L 86.00₹/kg
Kanniyakumari 93.31 ₹/L 101.68 ₹/L 79.45₹/kg
Karur 92.78 ₹/L 101.17 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Krishnagiri 93.95 ₹/L 102.37 ₹/L 81.40₹/kg
Madurai 93.08 ₹/L 101.46 ₹/L 77.45₹/kg
Nagapattinam 93.80 ₹/L 102.20 ₹/L 73.50₹/kg
Namakkal 92.83 ₹/L 101.22 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Nilgiris 94.46 ₹/L 103.05 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Perambalur 93.59 ₹/L 101.99 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Pudukkottai 93.16 ₹/L 101.55 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Ramanathapuram 93.20 ₹/L 101.59 ₹/L 75.00₹/kg
Salem 92.97 ₹/L 101.36 ₹/L 77.00₹/kg
Sivaganga 93.56 ₹/L 101.95 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
Teni 93.51 ₹/L 101.90 ₹/L 87.50₹/kg
87.50 ₹/kg
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Ah, what a delightful twist of fate! Gone are the days of waiting endlessly for Petrol prices to change every 15 days like clockwork. Now, the excitement of checking daily Petrol price rates on fills our hearts with unparalleled joy!

As for today's spectacle in Tamil Nadu, behold the grandeur of Petrol priced at a princely sum of 102.00 ₹/L. It's a spectacle to behold, isn't it? A mesmerizing display of stability, as there has been no change in the price since the ancient times of 11 Jul, 2024. Truly, a testament to the unwavering resolve of our Petrol prices to stand still amidst the chaos of the world.

But fret not, dear citizens, for this stagnation is not without its benefits! By keeping a vigilant eye on these daily fluctuations, one can seize the opportune moment to fill their tanks and revel in the glory of falling Petrol prices. And let's not forget the sheer magnanimity of Tamil Nadu Petrol rates, which, in their benevolence, remain lower than those of their less fortunate brethren across the nation.

So, let us raise our heads high and pay homage to the stalwart oil marketing companies of India, whose mighty hands dictate the ebb and flow of Petrol prices across our great land. And remember, my friends, in this brave new world of deregulation, vigilance is key. For in the game of Petrol prices, one wrong move could cost you dearly.

How are Petrol prices in Tamil Nadu determined?

Indeed, the fluctuation of Petrol rates in Tamil Nadu is intricately tied to the ever-shifting tides of international crude oil prices. As crude prices sway abroad, so do the Petrol rates at home. The Indian crude basket, a key determinant in this intricate dance, wields considerable influence over the pricing dynamics in Tamil Nadu.

For the discerning motorist, it's always sage advice to keep a vigilant eye on the Petrol prices. After all, even the slightest variation in rates can wield considerable impact when faced with the task of filling up vast volumes of diesel or Petrol. And let's not forget, the symphony of diesel prices in Tamil Nadu often mirrors the graceful movements of their Petrol counterparts, moving in tandem with the ebb and flow of international crude prices.

In this volatile landscape of Petrol rates, knowledge is power. So, before embarking on your journey to fill your automobile to the brim, take a moment to consult the ever-changing tableau of Petrol prices. It may just save you a pretty penny or two.

The increasing trend in the last few days

Ah, the joyous saga of soaring Petrol prices continues to unfold across our fair cities! Behold, dear citizens, as the illustrious mark of 102.00 ₹/L is now but a milestone in the relentless ascent of Petrol rates, particularly in the venerable metropolis of Tamil Nadu.

Such remarkable feats are not achieved in isolation, for they are the fruits of international crude prices scaling ever higher heights. With each passing day, the specter of further price hikes looms ominously, casting a shadow of uncertainty upon our already beleaguered wallets.

Yet, in the face of such adversity, there lies a glimmer of hope – the government, in its infinite wisdom, has wielded the mighty axe of excise cuts in the past to mitigate the burden borne by the common folk. Alas, such noble gestures come at a cost, for each excise cut strikes a blow to the sanctity of the government's fiscal deficit.

But let us not dwell on the woes of fiscal prudence, for the urgent need of the hour beckons us forth – a swift and decisive reduction in fuel prices is the clarion call of the masses. For if this relentless surge persists unabated, we shall find ourselves standing at the precipice of a three-year high, a prospect no government would dare to entertain.

Thus, let the clarion call ring loud and clear – may the government heed the urgent plea of its people and act swiftly to alleviate the burdens imposed by these exorbitant fuel prices.

How Petrol prices are influenced in Tamil Nadu?

Today's Petrol prices in New Tamil Nadu are the culmination of a myriad of factors that conspire to influence rates, chief among them being the world prices of fuel. Currently, the Brent Crude prices are languishing below the $40 mark, a testament to the volatile nature of global markets. As these prices fluctuate, so too does the Indian crude basket, thus exerting a direct impact on the daily price of Petrol in Tamil Nadu. A similar dance unfolds in the realm of diesel prices, mirroring the whims of the international fuel market.

In light of this ever-shifting landscape, it is prudent to exercise caution and diligence by checking fuel prices before embarking on our daily journeys. Recent days have offered a glimmer of hope as a declining trend has graced the retail fuel market. Could this be the precursor to a much-awaited reprieve?

The promise of relief may soon materialize once Petrol and diesel prices fall within the purview of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Until then, we must resign ourselves to the current state of affairs, faithfully paying the requisite sum and patiently awaiting a downturn in today's Petrol rates in Tamil Nadu. For in the realm of fuel economics, as in life, change is the only constant, and with it, the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

How Petrol Prices in Tamil Nadu Today are calculated?

The intricate dance of fuel rates in India is indeed a spectacle to behold, shaped by a multitude of factors that sway the delicate balance of Petrol prices in Tamil Nadu.

At the heart of this labyrinth lies the Indian crude basket, its fluctuations echoing across the landscape of fuel economics. Coupled with transportation costs, value-added taxes, and the imposing excise duty levied by the government, these elements form the bedrock upon which Petrol prices are built.

Ah, but let us not forget the curious case of Tamil Nadu's exorbitant fuel costs, eclipsed only by the towering prices witnessed in Mumbai. Here, the weight of value-added taxes looms large, casting a shadow over the pockets of its residents.

The capricious hand of government intervention further complicates matters, as excise hikes send Petrol prices soaring to dizzying heights. And yet, the local government's penchant for tinkering with the value-added tax only serves to inflate the already burdensome fuel rates.

But fear not, dear citizens, for the currency wields its own peculiar influence in this grand spectacle. With each swing in its value against the dollar, petrol and diesel prices sway in tandem, like leaves caught in the wind.

In the grand tapestry of fuel economics, change is the only constant. And as we gaze into the horizon, we dare to hope for the promise of sharp cuts in fuel prices, spurred by the benevolent hand of international price movements and the capricious dance of currency fluctuations.

So, as we seek to unravel the enigma of today's Petrol price in Tamil Nadu, let us not forget to consider the intricate interplay of excise, value-added tax, India's crude basket, and the whims of the currency market. For therein lies the key to understanding the ever-shifting sands of fuel rates in our fair city.

Strategies for monitoring daily Petrol prices in Tamil Nadu

The recent fuel updates can easily be tracked via an SMS service or a customer care service run by state-owned oil companies including Bharat Petroleum (BP), Hindustan Petroleum (HP), Indian Oil and Shell Oil. And you can even check online by visiting the websites of any of those oil companies. Based on the methods presented below, fuel consumers of Tamil Nadu can easily confirm the latest petrol or diesel of the capital city.

SMS Service

Type: RSPDEALER CODE and send it to 9224992249

Customer Helpline

For Indian Oil- 9224992249

Bharat Petroleum-9223112222

Hindustan Petroleum-9222201122

Or else you can also track the same through your smartphone by downloading the Fuel@IOC, Smart Drive (BPCL), and My HPCL mobile apps.

Have these mobile applications to track the daily fuel price in Tamil Nadu

Ah, the perpetual quest for the elusive ideal fuel price in Tamil Nadu! A challenge that plagues the minds of consumers far and wide, for how does one navigate the labyrinth of fluctuating petrol and diesel rates with confidence?

Fear not, for in this digital age, a plethora of solutions abound! Behold, the stalwart oil and gas firms such as Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum, pioneers in the realm of fuel pricing mechanisms, have bestowed upon us a myriad of tools to aid in our quest for the perfect fuel price.

From SMS alerts to mobile apps and even dedicated customer care support, the arsenal of options at our disposal is vast indeed. Simply download the requisite mobile app from your trusted app store, and voila! You're equipped to seamlessly track the ever-changing petrol and diesel rates from the comfort of your own home.

And let us not forget the grandeur of Dynamic Fuel Pricing, a marvel of modernity embraced by all major metro cities since June 2017. Across states, Petrol rates may vary, influenced by state taxes and other inscrutable factors. But fear not, dear consumer, for with the aid of these smartphone applications, you hold the power to stay informed, to remain vigilant, and to never again be caught unaware by the caprices of fuel rates.

So, whether you find yourself in the bustling streets of Mumbai, the cultural hub of Kolkata, or the serene lanes of Tamil Nadu, rest assured that the tools you need to stay abreast of the latest fuel prices are but a tap away on your smartphone screen.

Fuel@IOC – IndianOil

The mobile app Fuel@IOC-Indian Oil helps Indian oil fuel consumers to easily check the fuel prices of Tamil Nadu or any other city across India from the luxury of their home or workplace. This application is compatible with both IOS and Android devices for installation. IOS users can open the App Store and access the app and Android users can do the same by launching the Google Play Store. The mobile app of Indian Oil allows users to search for the latest fuel prices on the go. It is recommended to check the Petrol price of Tamil Nadu or your locality before fuelling your vehicle and considering this the Fuel@IOC-Indian Oil app is your ideal partner to stay updated with the latest Petrol price of Tamil Nadu anytime anywhere. So before heading to your workplace you can now check the latest fuel price in Tamil Nadu by using your mobile phone, which means the simplicity and user-friendliness is just in your palms. Use this app to grasp the ongoing fuel price trend in Tamil Nadu with ease. For both Apple and Android phones, which are the most successful operating systems, Fuel@IOC-IndianOil is free to download. In case you are not an IOS or Android user you can directly access Indian Oil's official website to track the latest Petrol price in Tamil Nadu. You can easily track the existing price of Petrol in Tamil Nadu or your region without abandoning your comfort by accessing the site or using Indian Oil's mobile app.

My HPCL Mobile App

My HPCL mobile app from Hindustan Petroleum also introduces a better category to keep abreast with fuel prices for petrol pumps. The app is available on the Android, IOS and Windows platforms.

The My HPCL app contains sections like Outlets & Services, My Vehicle, Alerts, customer service line, Feedback, Help & Tips and also provides access to Insurance Renewal facility (with affiliate company), DT PLUS (HPCL Loyalty Scheme for fleet owners) and HPGAS (LPG) to offer to change fuel costs for the fuel users of Tamil Nadu. The concept of fluctuating fuel prices, commonly referred to as # MyFuelMyDayMyPrice, is dismissed by the majority as the cost of fuels such as diesel and petrol has been pushed into the area of fluctuations. While the entire move is believed to be user-centric, fuel prices are now calculated in terms of international market conditions and USD to INR price movements. Tamil Nadu's petrol consumers can conveniently search the city's new petrol prices from sitting at home. Consumers can reach the revised cost of petrol every morning with a few clicks before going to the office or filling their vehicle's tank.

BPCL’s SmartDrive

BPCL's SmartDrive smartphone application enables customers to preserve records of fuel station transactions and also facilitates locating nearby fuel stations. SmartDrive is designed to capture customer and vehicle details so that it can provide you with regular updates on the PUC, insurance and operation of your vehicle, which is available on both Android and IOS platforms. SmartDrive also provides information about both Petrocard and SmartFleet loyalty transactions about the particulars of Tamil Nadu's fuel prices. Your ratings will allow the BPCL to best serve you and you can now cherish the enhanced facilities at the SmartDrive app by submitting your valuable ratings. To share your positive expressions or frustration at each of BPCL’s fuel stations you can now make it easy by uploading photos of the filling stations. SmartDrive has a way to build a good relationship with consumers and sponsors, and they guarantee that they can walk with you till the end to be your best ideal need fuel requirement.

Admire the Bharat Petroleum drive today and install the SmartDrive app to stay tuned to Tamil Nadu's latest petrol price.

Aspects of Petrol Price in Tamil Nadu

Petrol prices in Tamil Nadu dance to the tune of several influential factors, chief among them being the cost of crude oil procurement, the currency exchange rate, dealer margins, central excise duty, and the state VAT levied by the government.

As the pendulum swings with the rise and fall of crude oil prices, so too does the retail sale price of Petrol, reflecting the inherent volatility of the global oil markets. While the federal excise tax remains constant nationwide, the state VAT rate varies, with Tamil Nadu boasting a lower VAT compared to other states, thus offering a more favorable price per liter of Petrol.

Moreover, the ebb and flow of the USD-INR exchange rate cast a shadow over the purchasing cost of oil. A weaker INR against the USD spells higher procurement costs, whereas a stronger INR brings relief by lowering the purchasing cost. Consequently, the rate of Petrol in Tamil Nadu mirrors these fluctuations, rising and falling in tandem with the highs and lows of the crude oil markets.

In this intricate web of economic forces, the price of Petrol in Tamil Nadu emerges as a delicate balance, shaped by the interplay of global market dynamics, currency fluctuations, and government policies. As consumers navigate this landscape, they bear witness to the ever-shifting sands of Petrol prices, a testament to the complexity of our interconnected world.

How Frequently Petrol Rates In Tamil Nadu Are Updated?

In Tamil Nadu, much like in every other Indian city, the Petrol sector is dominated by state-run oil companies such as Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum, and Bharat Petroleum. These stalwart entities diligently update diesel and petrol rates through the dynamic fuel pricing mechanism, a system adopted and enforced by the Government of India in mid-June 2017.

Under this mechanism, all filling stations in Tamil Nadu, whether automated or non-automated, synchronize their efforts to update fuel prices promptly at 6:00 a.m. each day. It's imperative for consumers to stay informed about these revised rates, as fuel prices are currently experiencing a slight upward trend in the city.

While the impact of these regular price changes may not be immediately noticeable to individual retail buyers, those purchasing Petrol in higher quantities will undoubtedly feel the pinch of even the slightest decline or hike in rates. Indeed, the latest fuel pricing strategy is in full swing across the country, designed to benefit all fuel consumers, regardless of their location.

Within this transparent framework, the pricing of Petrol rates is laid bare, ensuring that consumers in Tamil Nadu and beyond are empowered with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their fuel purchases

What is Petroleum?

Petroleum is a naturally occurring substance, usually dark in colour. Petroleum occurs beneath the earth’s surface. Using petroleum, a wide range of products like diesel, petrol, lubricating oil and so on can be derived. Its compounds can be separated using the fractional distillation method. In 2006, the primary sources of energy consisted of petroleum at 36.8%; Coal at 26.6% and natural gas at 22.9%.

The process for the formation of petrol takes millions of years. Petrol as a product is formed owing to the presence of decomposed carcasses of dead animals, and human beings beneath the surface of the earth.

Demand of Petrol in Tamil Nadu rises despite pollution risks

Petrol, or gasoline, serves as a chief protagonist in the ongoing saga of air pollution plaguing Tamil Nadu. The vehicles guzzling this fuel not only emit carbon dioxide, a notorious greenhouse gas, but also spew forth a cocktail of noxious pollutants including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter. These villainous emissions collectively conspire to tarnish Tamil Nadu's air quality, earning it the dubious distinction of being among the most polluted cities on the planet.

The insatiable appetite for Petrol in Tamil Nadu has exacerbated the city's air pollution woes, perpetually relegating it to the upper echelons of global pollution indices. This rampant pollution poses grave health risks to the populace, manifesting in a plethora of respiratory ailments and other health maladies. Moreover, the burgeoning vehicular population has transformed Tamil Nadu's roads into veritable cauldrons of congestion and gridlock, further fueling the noxious cloud hanging over the city.

While strides have been made to combat these challenges, including the promotion of electric vehicles and the imposition of stringent emission standards, the journey towards cleaner air remains fraught with obstacles. As Tamil Nadu marches forward in its quest for economic prosperity, striking a delicate balance between development and environmental stewardship becomes paramount. Investing in robust public transportation systems and embracing cleaner energy alternatives are pivotal steps in reducing the city's reliance on Petrol and curbing the deleterious impacts of its consumption on both human health and the natural environment.